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The sponsor of Sunny Kids is the GGB Gesellschaft zur ganzheitlichen Bildung gemeinnützige GmbH Sachsen.

Since 1998, GGB has been a competent and valued partner in the field of child and youth welfare and operates 19 foreign language day care centers. All of these bilingual facilities are located in the districts of Zwickau, Erzgebirgskreis, Mittelsachsen and Leipziger Land.

House & Location

Our facility was built in 1952 as a harvest kindergarten and operated as a municipal kindergarten until 1998.

The day care center is located in Tunnelweg and has a central location in the village. The entrance is located away from the main road in a dead-end street with little traffic.
The building was reconstructed in 1996. In the course of these measures, our group rooms received underfloor heating.

In 1999 our house took over the IWS gGmbH Westsachsen in free sponsorship. From 01.01.2010 this company was rebranded. Now our facility belongs to a subsidiary, the Gesellschaft zur ganzheitlichen Bildung gemeinnützige GmbH Sachsen (GGB Sachsen). Since then, a maximum of 50 children, divided into 4 age-specific groups, attend our little sheep, mice, rabbit and ABC group. Our smallest, the little sheep, share their teacher with only eight children.


Our kindergarten is located in a one-story building in bungalow style. A small entrance area leads to the checkrooms and the four lovingly designed group rooms. Modern, functional furniture was purchased for these rooms, which give the rooms a cozy atmosphere. In addition to the group rooms, which also serve as sleeping areas, our kindergarten has an office, a staff and meeting room, a small kitchen, a children's bathroom, a toilet room and a materials room with large work cabinets.

The group rooms are divided into cuddle, building, doll, painting/craft, table play and morning circle areas. Doll, painting/tinkering corners, tabletop play areas and morning circle areas. Both the preschool and preschool group rooms have an interactive whiteboard.

Outdoor area

Our spacious and beautifully landscaped garden with old trees, which we use daily, offers our children plenty of freedom of movement and play opportunities.

More pictures and impressions of our facility can be found here!

Language diversity

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