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Parent Activities


We attach great importance to good cooperation with parents. Whether suggestions, criticism or praise, we are grateful for all hints in order to constantly improve our work. We give you the opportunity to do so at parents' evenings, during parents' consultation hours or within the framework of questionnaires.

Possibilities of cooperation

There are a number of opportunities for parents to become active at our daycare center. Whether as a parent representative, member of the parent council - commitment is always in demand and shows your child how important "his" daycare is to you. Of course, we are also happy to receive practical help, money or donations for festivities and celebrations, help with work assignments or your ideas and inspirations. Please contact us!

It is important for all parents to have a well-functioning exchange of information when it comes to their own child. For us educators, this means giving parents as much transparency as possible about everyday life and the child's development. In addition to bulletin boards with important messages and photos of current activities, we provide for regular parent meetings. Here parents and educators meet to exchange information about the child's development. Developmental steps are recorded for the children and their parents in the portfolios created by the educators together with the children. During general parents' evenings, in which all parents of a group participate if possible, they are informed about upcoming activities, projects and changes in the group and the facility.

Cooperation with parents takes place on many different levels of communication. Joint celebrations with the whole family have become a nice tradition. Parents create fairy tales for their children, sing with them around the campfire or support projects. They support us in the preparation and execution of the festivities, which have already become a tradition. Parents feel connected to our institution and take responsibility for their and other children. These activities bring a lot of joy.

Our parents council

Dear Parents,

As the Parents' Council we see ourselves as a link between parents and children on the one hand and the kindergarten on the other. The Parent Council 2020/2021 was formed from 7 members:

  • Mrs. Obst (Chairwoman)
  • Mrs. Schenker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dittrich
  • Mr. Ludwig
  • Mrs. Kommer
  • Mrs. Mattivi
  • Mrs. Hartan

You are welcome to contact us personally with concerns, wishes and problems.

Among other things, we see our tasks as a parents' council in representing the interests of the children and parents, to take care of the organization of festivities together with the educators (Christmas market, autumn festival...), to carry out projects that serve the kindergarten and the children (e.g. summer organization, excursions), to offer theme evenings for parents and to help generate additional money for the kindergarten (cake bazaar). We meet regularly with the educators to consult, organize and prepare.

As the parents' council, we are happy about everything that goes on in our kindergarten in terms of events and joint activities, as well as the good cooperation between educators, parents, grandparents and the children. However, we are dependent on the help of you as parents in the preparation, design and implementation of the individual events.

We try to announce dates well in advance and would like you to be willing to pitch in and help in a practical way.

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