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Our house with its bright, individually designed rooms and the spacious, large garden invites you to feel good. In our facility, we care for children from nursery age until the end of their kindergarten years.

The smooth transition between nursery and kindergarten, as well as close cooperation with the elementary schools, enable a holistic learning environment. Our team attaches great importance to a successful and individual familiarization, as well as a trusting cooperation with parents.

This is what we offer
our children

Our image of the child

From the very beginning, children are unique individual personalities who, in exchange with their environment, are constantly developing and orienting themselves towards different personalities. Therefore, our actions are characterized by appreciation, empathy and loving interaction with each other by recognizing and respecting the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Healthy diet

Eating meals together in a quiet atmosphere has a special significance in our facility. We offer the children health-conscious, balanced and varied all-day meals from our own kitchen. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of awakening in the children the joy of healthy eating and to apply the knowledge they have acquired themselves.

Early language education

In times of globalization and multicultural societies, communication is a central element. Good language skills open up new opportunities for children to grasp learning content and make contact with people. Kindergarten children in particular are in a life-shaping phase. They can learn English in a playful, non-coercive and fun way. With the help of our native speakers, we teach the English language using the "immersion" method. Immersion means as much as language bath. A central point is the contextualization. What is said is integrated into an action and clarified with the help of gestures or pointing. Consequently, our children learn the language through a specific situation. Our staff is supplemented by an English-speaking specialist.

Pedagogical work

As educators, we accompany the developmental path of the children and perceive their needs and create a living environment in which the children can try things out and feel comfortable. In doing so, they learn to realistically assess their abilities and skills, and can consolidate and expand them. We pay special attention to the acquisition of social skills and the teaching of values and norms, which give the children security and support in everyday life. The early introduction to cultural techniques such as reading, writing and first basic mathematical skills characterize our daily pedagogical work and are anchored in the Saxon educational plan. The child's well-being in everyday kindergarten life is our top priority. Only in this way can learning be fun and lead to success. A trusting relationship with the educator plays just as important a role as a positive group feeling. Observations and special learning experiences are recorded in the form of individual documentation (portfolio).

Communication & Media

Communication and media skills allow our children to become real explorers and discoverers, with creativity and imagination, in a society that they themselves help to shape. We provide our children with learning situations that are varied and arouse curiosity, taking into account the individuality of each child and focusing on existing abilities.


As an integration facility, we have set ourselves the goal that disabled, non-disabled and children at risk of disability can grow and learn together. Our basic principle is that each child is to be seen and accepted as unique in his or her personality.

Toddler group

We offer crawling afternoons, in the time from 15.30 - 16.30 clock. We offer all parents with their children, who will visit our day care center in the future, a comfortable afternoon to get to know each other and to exchange experiences. You will find the dates in the section "Current dates". We look forward to meeting you and your children. If you are interested, please contact the director at 037603/2788.

Our special features &
offers at a glance

Small groups

Loving care of your children in small groups (maximum 16 children) between 2 and 7 years old

Crèche group

For children from 2 years with a maximum of 8 children


The children are cared for bilingually (English/German)

age homogeneous groups

All children are of similar age - thus individual and age-appropriate activities can be offered

Lots of fresh air

Every day we go out into the fresh air and use our large garden or go to a nearby forest area

Cooperation elementary school

Intensive preschool work and close cooperation with the International Primary School Glauchau, which continues our English concept

Weekly offers

early musical education in all groups, sports activities in the gym

Would you like to get to know us?
Then please feel free to make an individual appointment at our facilities and the staff on site look forward to your visit.

In all of our facilities, there is an individual familiarization and getting-to-know-your-child offer. Regardless of whether it is a toddler, a kindergarten child or an after-school child: we offer an entry or transition phase geared to the child in order to create a positive atmosphere right from the start and to make it easier for the children to get to know each other.

Language diversity

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