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The time in our daycare centers is a formative experience for our children and a first moment when they break away from their home and take their first steps towards independence. We want to shape this time with positive experiences, discover and develop the children's talents, and lay positive foundations for later learning and working communities. The knowledge acquired through play in kindergarten is then, of course, the basis for a good start to school - perhaps even at one of our five SIS elementary schools.

GGB and SIS are currently the only association in Saxony to offer a holistic, all-encompassing and integrated educational concept from kindergarten to high school or grammar school.

What we want

In our foreign language daycare centers, whether daycare or after-school care, we want to maintain and promote the children's joy of learning in a very playful way. We support learning in meaningful contexts through the holistic promotion of movement, perception and communication - and always in connection with the interests, experiences and wishes of the children.

Brain research has proven that the period of infancy is crucial for the development of mental, linguistic, motor and emotional abilities. Children at this age are in the natural language acquisition phase and are therefore particularly receptive. They learn at ten times the normal speed and absorb knowledge like a sponge. That's why our programs are designed to help them do just that.

Our image of the child

From the very beginning, children are unique individual personalities who, in exchange with their environment, are constantly developing and orienting themselves towards different personalities. Therefore, our actions are characterized by appreciation, empathy and loving interaction with each other, recognizing and respecting the strengths and weaknesses of each.

The role of educators

As educators, we accompany the developmental path of the children and perceive their needs. We create a living environment in which the children can try things out and feel comfortable. In doing so, they learn to realistically assess their abilities and skills, and can consolidate and expand them. Adults bear a great responsibility through their actions, thinking and above all through their attitude. His or her example has a great impact on the children.

Even though every child brings experiences, habits and manners with them to the facilities, a culture of its own is formed in the group, which is newly shaped by the educator. Through the example of our staff and the impulses that the children receive from them, they expand their competencies in many areas. Through this the educators have an effect on the emotional development and they support the children in their experiences in social learning. In conflict situations, they provide them with assistance in finding solutions when needed. They convey values through their attitude, their way of dealing with people and things, and the many rituals in everyday life.

The Saxon educational plan for day care centers in Saxony forms the framework of our pedagogical work. It serves as the basis for our professional actions in everyday life.

Learning languages through play

English is already spoken with the children at our daycare centers - to be more precise, the foreign language is incorporated into the children's daily experience quite "incidentally". Whether it's preparing meals together, in the morning circles, or discovering plants and animals in the nursery's garden. In this so-called immersive learning, another language is not learned consciously, but is absorbed from the linguistic environment - almost incidentally. In this way, the child's brain is optimally trained in the long term. In this process, the educators are also supported by native speakers who accompany the daily routine in their mother tongue. The mother tongue is an important vehicle for conveying cultural content, ideas and thought patterns.

Scientific research has shown that the sensitive phase for language learning extends from birth to the age of 10. Exactly the same period applies to the learning of foreign languages. We want to take advantage of this and teach the children the English foreign language in a playful, experience-oriented, everyday way that is geared to their needs. Through movement, play, music, rhyme, rhythm, pictures, handicrafts and much more, the children are encouraged to communicate in a simple way. Because an active learning success is the best motivation.

From the beginning of the third year of life, we work in the groups according to the immersion method. With this most successful method of acquiring a second language, the children consistently experience the English language to be learned alongside their first language as an everyday language in our facility. Therefore, native speakers and staff members with a near-native level work as pedagogical specialists in our daycare center. Our "near native speakers" teach not only the English language but also the culture of the country. Only these educators speak to the children in English. Thus, the basic principle of "one person - one language" is fulfilled. This means that there is no mixing of languages and the children have clearly assigned persons for each language.

The importance of the English language in Europeanization and globalization has grown, and with it the demand for English language skills. With a good understanding of a foreign language, the competence of the native language also grows much faster. Thus, the development of one's own native language is positively supported by this offer.

Our foreign language facilities aim to awaken interest in foreign languages, develop a sense of language, shape children multiculturally, and foster self-confidence. English should be fun and learned through play. Content is taken from the children's everyday lives.

Basic mathematical knowledge
and cultural techniques

From the very beginning, our children are introduced to mathematical content through play. This begins with simple ordering and sorting, continues with the creation of patterns and symmetries, and ends with the decomposition and comparison of quantities in the number range up to 10.

As in the mathematical area, the cultural techniques such as "reading and writing" are also introduced in a very child-friendly manner. Even with the youngest children, we begin with targeted linguistic development, the training of oral motor skills, phonation, the use of pictograms, and knowledge of the individual letters. A special offer is the implementation of the Würzburg Training Program for our preschoolers.

Numerous play and work materials are available for these two areas.


For the implementation of our goals, diverse and appealing materials are available in each facility, which support the transfer of knowledge in the individual areas such as English, mathematics and German.

This includes computers, cameras and cameras, interactive boards and solidly equipped workstations, which are deliberately included in the pedagogical work.

Healthy body - healthy mind

To strengthen the health and well-being of our children, all of our facilities offer a healthy and balanced whole foods diet. In almost all facilities, meals prepared by our own kitchens are on the menu. We are committed to expanding this further. Fresh fruit, vegetables and drink stations are available to the children as a matter of course.

Regular exercise in the fresh air, sports and play sessions, and Kneipp treatments are an integral part of the daily routine at our facilities. Also the daily stay in the garden or walks etc. are obligatory even in inclement weather.

Would you like to get to know us?
Then please feel free to make an individual appointment at our facilities and the staff on site look forward to your visit.

In all of our facilities, there is an individual familiarization and getting-to-know-your-child offer. Regardless of whether it is a toddler, a kindergarten child or an after-school child: we offer an entry or transition phase geared to the child in order to create a positive atmosphere right from the start and to make it easier for the children to get to know each other.

Language diversity

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