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Food service

In our facility, the children are fully catered. We get lunch from our GGB kitchen in Glauchau.

Our food provider offers healthy, regional food on organic quality. The possibility of knowing a food provider directly in the same place allows us to offer individual menus for allergy children.


The varied breakfast is served to the children by our educators, the older groups are sometimes allowed to prepare their own breakfast, which supports the promotion of independence and self-determination.


Lunch is taken in our group rooms. Meal times are considered a cozy, social and communicative get-together. The children are served tea, water or juice spritzer with their meal. There are also regular drinking breaks between meals.


In the afternoon, the children can have a snack with us. The snack is taken in the group room or, if the weather is nice, in the garden. The meals vary daily from hearty to sweet. This is often accompanied by fresh fruit and vegetables.

Language diversity

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